Thu 26.01.2023 20:00 o'clock until 22:00 o'clock, Hamburg, Stefan Büttner, Stefan Büttner

TaKeTiNa®-Gruppe in Hamburg-Altona


Regelmässige, wöchentliche & wachsende Gruppe in Hamburg-Altona.

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Time Thu 26.01.2023 20:00 Uhr bis 22:00 Uhr
Location Tanzstudio Billie's, Stresemannstraße 374b, 22761 Hamburg, DE
ManagementStefan Büttner
Additional organizer(s)Stefan Büttner
Conditions / Prices

15€ pro Termin


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"And then suddenly it was quiet. Then I also noticed how loud it is in my head all day long."