Fri 22.09.2023 18:15 o'clock until 20:15 o'clock, Erlangen, Irina Föhrenbach, Katrin Wolf

TaKeTiNa am Freitag-Abend

Time Fri 22.09.2023 18:15 Uhr bis 20:15 Uhr
Location Gesundheitsforum Büchenbach (Erlangen), Odenwaldallee 31 (Büchenbacher Anlage), 91056 Erlangen, DE
ManagementIrina Föhrenbach
Additional organizer(s)Katrin Wolf
Conditions / Prices

TaKeTiNa am Freitag-Abend: 20,00 EUR pro Person


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"In this workshop, there were many moments when I felt happy. I also experienced a great surprise (disbelief) about being in rhythm, being in the moment, regardless of external events. I really enjoyed that."