Fri 09.02.2024 19:00 o'clock until 20:30 o'clock, Erlangen, Irina Föhrenbach, Katrin Wolf

TaKeTiNa am Freitag-Abend

Time Fri 09.02.2024 19:00 Uhr bis 20:30 Uhr
Location Yoga-Zentrum Alterlangen, Schlehenstr.18, 91056 Erlangen, DE
ManagementIrina Föhrenbach
Additional organizer(s)Katrin Wolf
Conditions / Prices

TaKeTiNa am Freitag-Abend: 25,00 EUR pro Person


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"For me it was an incredible exercise entering my body while observing my very busy inner critic, and since you've created such a nice inviting, permissive atmosphere, I've (with a sense of humour) been able to meet him."