Qualification of TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers have completed intensive trainings over many years. Teachers develop rhythm skills specific to leading a TaKeTiNa Rhythm process as well as learn how to lead a group process through highly effective learning. All trainings are certified and teachers attend supervisions and ongoing professional development.

For this reason, TaKeTiNa is a legally protected brand that may only be used by certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers who have successfully completed their training with Reinhard Flatischler.

Information about trainings can be obtained from the TaKeTiNa-Institut. www.taketina.com

You can find the geographical overview of TaKeTiNa-facilitators in Europe on the homepage.



Name Country Zip area
Peter Meyer Österreich 1060 Wien
Klaudia Maria Verne Österreich 4221 Steyregg bei Linz
Christine Sagmeister Österreich 5020 Salzburg
Elisabeth Schätz Österreich 1120 Wien
Markus Sovik Österreich 2504 Sooss
Harald Kreuzer Österreich 1140 Wien
Theresa Gottschall Österreich 6020 Innsbruck
Ulrike Knapp-Korb-Weidenheim Österreich 2525 Schönau an der Triesting
Judith Hemstreit Österreich 1230 Wien
Claudia Gabrielli Österreich 6020 Innsbruck
Ari Glage Österreich 5020 Salzburg
Katharina Loibner Österreich
Roman Josef Leitner (Höpflinger) Österreich 5323 Ebenau
Iris Jesse Österreich 1140 Wien
Marc T. Ischebeck Österreich 2384 Breitenfurt
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