Qualification of TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers have completed intensive trainings over many years. Teachers develop rhythm skills specific to leading a TaKeTiNa Rhythm process as well as learn how to lead a group process through highly effective learning. All trainings are certified and teachers attend supervisions and ongoing professional development.

For this reason, TaKeTiNa is a legally protected brand that may only be used by certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers who have successfully completed their training with Reinhard Flatischler.

Information about trainings can be obtained from the TaKeTiNa-Institut. www.taketina.com

You can find the geographical overview of TaKeTiNa-facilitators in Europe on the homepage.



Name Country Zip area
Christa Zaugg Schweiz 3613 Steffisburg
Katrin Wolf Deutschland 85051 Ingolstadt
Andreas Wittwer Schweiz 5417 Untersiggenthal
Barbara Westphal Deutschland 52062 Aachen
Gerd Walter Deutschland 49448 Hüde
Henning von Vangerow Deutschland 42289 Wuppertal
Stefan Vieweg Deutschland 91080 Marloffstein
Klaudia Maria Verne Österreich 4221 Steyregg bei Linz
Baptiste Vaes Belgien 4190 Ferrières
Peter Tschanz Schweiz 3613 Steffisburg
Jaron Tripp Deutschland
Walter Trafoier Italien 39012 Meran
Urs Tobler Schweiz 9000 St.Gallen
Horst Thalmaier Deutschland 20251 Hamburg
Caroline Staub Frankreich 67270 Schwindratzheim
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"I experienced the workshop as a field of experimentation for dealing with mankind’s focus on performance and observed myself falling into this all over play of (self-) depreciation and appreciation. TaKeTiNa seems to be a fine practice field to let these annoying habits go and be completely honest and deep in heart, and that relatively quickly and with great cheerfulness."