Location Le Houpet 32B
4190 Ferrières

About me

My twenty-year career in the joint sphere of artistic research and personal development first led me to initiate and lead choirs dedicated to traditional songs, appreciated for their ability to free voices and emotions. At the same time, I come regularly on stage as a singer, in connection with theater and dance or musical coach, start my research in vocal improvisation in the class of Garett List at the Conservatory of Liège and to put my attention on Sound and Music Healing, a training with Pat Muffit Cook that I pursue this year. Also aware of the fundamental role of rhythm in music and curious to approach aspects related to personal evolution, I train myself in the rhythmic process TaKeTiNa with Reinhard Flatischler and Tania Bosak. This joyful and balancing practice allows me today to accompany the person on a path of profound transformation thanks to the restructuring and regenerating power of rhythm.