mié 07.04.2021 18:00 en punto hasta 19:30 en punto, Online, Iris Jesse

Dynamic Rhythm Meditations - ZOOM online Series Part 2



How can rhythm help ..
... to discover your own power and to learn how to utilize it?
... to promote intuition and creativity?
... to understand mistakes as part of the creative development process and to welcome them?
... to act out of a balanced state of mind instead of reacting habitualy?
... to lead a self-determined life?
... to immerse yourself in the here and now?
... to feel groundless joy?

Regardless of whether we think we have a sense of rhythm or not, we are rhythmic beings (breathing, heartbeat, pulse, ...) and live in an environment characterized by rhythms (seasons, day and night, high and low tide, ...).

Dynamic rhythm meditations activate our inner rhythmic knowledge. The simultaneous expression of different, rhythmic structures in the voice, hands and feet allows the body to experience rhythm directly.

The repeating rhythmic structure gives us the opportunity to focus our awareness on the external movement and at the same time on the inner happening. While the supporting force of rhythm becomes effective, we can connect more consciously with our psychological, physical and emotional experience and thus be in contact with our life force and our resources.

The fluctuation between chaos (falling out of rhythm) and order (being in rhythm) offers the opportunity to welcome the state of "not knowing" and to experience it as part of creative development.

6 online sessionsoffer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the elemental force of RHYTHM. The dynamic flow of RHYTHM JOURNEYS, SOUND, CONSCIOUS BREATHING and MOVEMENT EXERCISES invite you to move, experiment, discover and open awareness for possibilities and changes.

Hora mié 07.04.2021 18:00 Uhr bis 19:30 Uhr
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AdministraciónIris Jesse
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Condiciones / Precios


This Rhythm Series consists of 6 Sessions:

03.03 / 10.03. / 17.03. / 24.03. / 31.03. / 07.04.

From 18:00 to 19:30 p.m. (GMT +1)


15 € / session or 72 € for all sessions



After registration the details for the respective ZOOM session as well as payment modalities will be forwarded. A separate e-mail will contain information on how to prepare the best to benefit the most of each practice session.

Looking forward to move, explore and expand together!


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