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À propos de moi

Tania has worked for more than 32 years as an actor, musician, producer, composer, and teacher across the arts and music education in Australia and abroad. She commenced her TaKeTiNa Teacher training in 1998 in Portland USA, and qualified as a Master TaKeTiNa teacher in 2018. Tania holds a degree in theatre, acting and contemporary dance and a Diploma in Solution-Focused Counselling.In 2020 she completed further training as a Generative Trance therapist with Dr. Stephen Gilligan at the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP).

In 2004 Tania founded Pulse Rhythm Events, an organization dedicated to presenting collaborative workshops and events involving the TaKeTiNa. Process, polyrhythmic drumming, body/voice work, personal evolution, and meditation practices.

Tania is currently teaching TaKeTiNa as part of the Bachelor of Rhythm and Rhythmics at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, a 3-year training founded by Arnould Massart, and she is engaged yearly by Melbourne University where she teaches TaKeTINa, Rhythm, Movement and Performance to theatre students in training. 

See Tania's website for updates on workshops with events in Europe including Belgium, Germany and Croatia.