Fr 19.07.2024 18:30 Uhr bis So 21.07.2024 16:00 Uhr, Limena PD, Baptiste Vaes, Tania Bosak

The intuitive body


TaKeTiNa rhythm process residential workshop 

A dynamic meditation through rhythm, voice and movement 

In TaKeTiNa® music, movement, communication are integrated to create a new process for learning and transformation. Learning with the TaKeTiNa® process develops inner presence, creativity, musicality, and opens an awareness of our individual patterns, which inhibit our lives and relationships. As a deeply relaxing and meditative process, TaKeTiNa® requires no musical experience and invites participants to go at their own pace.

In this introduction workshop, Tania Bosak and Baptiste Vaes will guide you into simple/fundamental rhythmic journeys to awaken the inner knowledge of your body, stimulate receptivity (hearing, seeing, feeling, visualizing) and enhance your mind and ability to observe more and control less.

Learning through the body is direct and requires no technical skills. Rhythms are layered into the body through stepping, clapping, and the voice. The rhythms become a mirror for our personal process and teach us how to enter our true authentic nature.

The workshop will be led in English.

Zeit Fr 19.07.2024 18:30 Uhr bis So 21.07.2024 16:00 Uhr
Ort Oasi Bettella, Via Monte Grappa, 10, 35010 Limena PD, IT
LeitungBaptiste Vaes
Weitere VeranstalterTania Bosak
Konditionen / Preise

Course price: €200 / €180 if your deposit (€100) reaches us before May 15 2024

Accommodation and meals: Full board price: €38/night in a double, triple or quadruple room – €27/meal

Recommended clothing: Soft, comfortable clothing as well as light indoor shoes or non-slip socks if you do not wish to go barefoot

Material to bring: Cushion and blanket for integration times


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