Fr 03.05.2019 19:00 Uhr bis So 05.05.2019 17:00 Uhr, Schoorl, Uhr, Schoorl, Baptiste Vaes

Mindfulness in Rhythm and Motion


The TaKeTiNa rhythm process: Flow happens when you have a system that works and there is minimal resistance, followed by a deep sense of surrender. Things just happen…

In the TaKeTiNa process you experience through rhythm and music, the interplay between challenge and ease, as well as a deep and profound falling into rhythm. By learning how to enter a state of flow you can increase your productivity, be more creative, and be happier, all at the same time. It is in this space or 'zone' where timelessness, effortlessness, deep relaxation and optimal experience merge.

Tania Bosak is Master TaKeTiNa teacher and trainer. She has worked for more than 18 years with TaKeTiNa as a musician, actor, composer and diverse music and performance teacher and trainer. She also actively assists and teaches in collaboration!with the founder of TaKeTiNa; Reinhard Flatischler. Tania will be assisted by certified TaKeTiNa teacher Baptiste Vaes.

Language : English
Participants: 45 (max)



Zeit Fr 03.05.2019 19:00 Uhr bis So 05.05.2019 17:00 Uhr
Ort De Halde, Scorlewald Valkenlaan 14, 1871 Schoorl, NE
LeitungBaptiste Vaes
Konditionen / Preise

Costs: € 245,00

The first 18 "early birds”: € 215,00

Students : € 100,00

Friday-evening taster: € 30,00 (If you want to join in for the whole workshop, if there is a place, you just pay the remaining amount)

Times: Friday-evening 19.00 – 21.30 hrs. (also taster evening)

Saturday: 10.30 hrs. – 18.00 hrs.

Saturday-evening: 19.45 hrs. - 21.30 hrs.: Drum and meditation session

Sunday: 10.30 hrs. – 17.00 hrs.


Lodging: not included, list of B&B-places available. Possibilities to lodge with other participants might be available.

Coffee, tea & simple lunch (soup and bread) will be provided.


Reservations and

072 5815606 / 06 22318829


Your reservation is definite after e-mail exchange, sending name and address and after receiving your payment. Restitution only possible when we have a waiting list or if you find someone else to take your place.


Payments to: ASN-Bank: IBAN: NL75 ASNB 0707 7960 08 t.n.v. C.M.G.A.Raymakers BIC: ASNB NL21 (include your name and “TaKeTiNa 2019”) You will receive a confirmation of your payment.


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„Ich fühle mich so zufrieden und eins mit mir und der Welt. Getragen vom Rhythmus.“