TaKeTiNa - a groovy field of experience for all the senses

TaKeTiNa is an experiential rhythm based process for all the senses. As a group musical process, TaKeTiNa uses rhythm to unfold human potential.

It offers the opportunity to open up internal resources, to develop vitality and resilience, and at the same time through self-observation reduces anxiety and inner reactivity.

Through the physical layering of simple rhythmic building blocks, experienced through speaking, stepping, clapping and singing, TaKeTiNa leads people into the realm of meeting and discovering ones innate primal rhythmic knowledge.
It invites participants to witness how they learn and at the same time lose the fear of making mistakes in a playful and joyous way.

Destructive or hindering behavioral patterns can also shift and change in this creative process which has both a positive effect on making music, and at the same time serves to enrich our daily lives. TaKeTiNa is both a musical and meditation practice, and  is also a path to personal growth.
It was developed by the Austrian musician Reinhard Flatischler. More infos about Reinhard Flatischler you can find on www.taketina.com

For whom TaKeTiNa is suitable?

TaKeTiNa is for everyone who enjoys music and wants to develop personally.

It is an effective tool in music education, and musicians and non-musicians of all levels can benefit from the process.

Regardless of your previous rhythmic experience, TaKeTiNa can benefit you on many levels, as certified leaders create optimal conditions for rhythmic and inner development.

In which realms TaKeTiNa rhythm pedagogy is being used?

In general, TaKeTiNa is used in workshops or weekly courses, as well as in music schools and colleges, in health and sports clinics, in dance and theatre schools, or as an adjunct to therapeutic practices.

It is used also used specifically for the training of musicians as well as in high-pain medicine, for the prevention and treatment of burnout, anxiety and depression.

Extensive scientific studies have also been carried out on the postive impacts of TaKeTiNa on health and well being.

Read more about in which realms the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Pedagogy is be used. www.taketina.com

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"Fascinating how easy it is with TaKeTiNa to get into a flow, into letting go and, at the same time, experiencing presence and alertness."