Qualification of TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers have completed intensive trainings over many years. Teachers develop rhythm skills specific to leading a TaKeTiNa Rhythm process as well as learn how to lead a group process through highly effective learning. All trainings are certified and teachers attend supervisions and ongoing professional development.

For this reason, TaKeTiNa is a legally protected brand that may only be used by certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teachers who have successfully completed their training with Reinhard Flatischler.

Information about trainings can be obtained from the TaKeTiNa-Institut. www.taketina.com

You can find the geographical overview of TaKeTiNa-facilitators in Europe on the homepage.



Name Country Zip area
Robert Anrather Österreich 1180 Wien
TaKeTiNa Association Europe e.V. Deutschland 82377 Penzberg
Christoph Barth Deutschland 51503 Rösrath
Eliana Baruffol Deutschland 48164 Münster
Lothar Berger Deutschland 50678 Köln
Kathrin Bergsiek Deutschland 37083 Göttingen
Gülbin Biner Deutschland 80469 München
Gabriele Böhlemann Deutschland 58239 Schwerte
Tania Bosak Belgien
Astrid Bosshard Schweiz 4118 Rodersdorf
Margarete Bundschu Deutschland 82152 Planegg
Sabine Bundschu Deutschland 81371 München
Stefan Büttner Deutschland 22765 Hamburg
Cécile Charbonnel Frankreich 06200 Nice
Heidi Deinert-Theine Deutschland 23568 Lübeck
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"For me it was an incredible exercise entering my body while observing my very busy inner critic, and since you've created such a nice inviting, permissive atmosphere, I've (with a sense of humour) been able to meet him."