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Über mich

My passion has to do with body rhythm and groups : the art of searching and strenghten "rhythmic bonding"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As a social psychologist, I am a coach and facilitator in Collective Intelligence techniques with organizations and people. I also teach group dynamics and team work in a BA's degree.

My long-term practice with traditional european dances and my training in dance-rhythm therapy led me to set up dance therapy workshops and performances for a wide range of people (with Parkinson Disease, Alzheimer, children, students, mental health, etc).

I decided to become a TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher when I realized how, into the flow, ideas become clearer, emotions find their balance and transformation occur on such a deep level. All that in synchronicity with others and held by the group.

I lead regular workshops in Belgium and on demand.


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Ma passion, c'est le rythme et les groupes : l'art de chercher et de consolider la "reliance rythmique"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   En tant que psychosociologue, je suis coach et facilitatrice de groupes avec des méthodes d'Intelligence Collective pour les organisations publiques et associatives. J'enseigne aussi la dynamique de groupe et le travail en équipe.

Ma longue pratique des danses traditionnelles européennes et ma formation en danse-rythme thérapie m'a amenée à créer des ateliers et performances pour un large pannel de personnes (avec maladie de Parkinson, Alzheimer, enfants, étudiants, santé mentale, etc).

J'ai décidé de devenir une facilitatrice TaKeTiNa lorsque j'ai réalisé comment, dans le flow, les idées devenaient plus claires, les émotions trouvaient leur équilibre et la transformation se créait à un niveau si profond. Et cela en synchronicité avec les autres et portés par le groupe.

Je mène des ateliers régulièrement en Belgique et sur demande.



So 21.07.2024 18:30 Uhr bis Sa 27.07.2024 15:30 Uhr, Järna, Aline Schurgers, Aline Schurgers, Baptiste Vaes

Week for Voice

The Week for Voice (Sweden) includes a six days TaKeTiNa journey along side other voice techniques.

" Have you ever given your voice a full week? Get to know your voice - deep diving into your own expression, spirit, improvisations, vocal techniques - no matter if you a professional or a beginner.

Imagine being given an opportunity to build a relationship with your voice, with it’s power and vulnerability. Your inbuilt superpower. Your voice.
We invite you to a buffé of courses, workshops, voice baths and quiet time in nature. You will be able to choose between experienced teachers and facilitators which will guide you to explore, learn and grow together with your voice. You are welcome both as a person who has never dared to sing outside of the shower or as a professional vocalist. The courses and workshops will be designed for different needs, skills and experience. A laboratory where the exploration of your voice is in the center. This is a week dedicated to the exploration of your voice.

You are welcme both as professional singer and as beginner who never dare to sing outside of shower.
You will get in contact with toning, humming and speaking voice as great tool. Finding your own expressions and deepen your relationship with your voice.

Learning about your voice, free improvisation, vocal techniques, learning how your voice relate to your nervous system, your voice as an expression of your spirit and healing your relationship with your voice with amazing facilitators.

Zeit So 21.07.2024 18:30 Uhr bis Sa 27.07.2024 15:30 Uhr
Ort 153 22 Järna, Schweden
LeitungAline Schurgers
Weitere VeranstalterAline Schurgers
Baptiste Vaes
Konditionen / Preise



The venue will be at Solvikskolan (YTTERENEBY 21, 153 91 Järna) which is located approx 10 minutes by car from Järna and 1 hour from Stockholm City. If you travel by public transport you can take bus 784 or 785 to Yttereneby bus stop which is located 10 minutes walking distance from the venue.




7.900 SEK inkl. VAT (25%) incl. accomondation and food

or 6.900 SEK inkl. VAT(25%) without food/accomondation




A simple accomondation at the Solviskskolan is included in the course fee. We provide mattresses and we ask you to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag/duvet. If you wish to camp or organize external acommondation there will be a 1000 SEK discount on the course fee. The closest external accomondation options to the venue are in Ytterjärna Hotel and Håknäs Vandrarhem.




Delicious biodynamic organic food is included in the price of the course and we will provide delicious and healthy lunch, dinner, snacks and tea. As breakfast will not be served during the week we suggest you to skip eating in the morning or to simply snack on some fruit which will be available. Please note that we can’t provide a kitchen for cooking your own food.



In the e-mail you can also share with us if you have any food allergies that our chef should be aware of. Once the full payment has been transferred your place will be reserved.


See you in Järna, Sweden

21 july (18:30) - 27 july 2024 (15:30)




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